Our Values
  We will manage all our services, projects & assignments with structured corporate culture & governence  We understand customer requirements clearly and extend our fullest support to meet customer needs   We ensure to build trust & confidence with our customers, associates, employees & all other stakeholders  We implement innovative ideas at each level of execution to add value to products & services we deliver  We provide flexible & customizable services to match optimized budget & most essential requirements  We motivate every employee to ensure their 100% engagement to deliver quality services within schedules
An Overview

It was my dream for many years to become a professional entrepreneur to serve the diverse organizations and individuals who need support in growing their business in right direction with optimized financial requirements. Taking this in view we have started FlexiServ Consultants to provide Flexible Services to various industry segments.

FlexiServ provides services in the areas of Business, Finance, Software & Training domains. The Flexiserv team consists of qualified ME, CA & MBA experts in the aforesaid areas from diversified industry segments such as IT, ITes, Embedded, ERP/CRM, Mechanical, Chemical, Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Logistics, Hospitality, Real-Estate & Entertainment. The said team has worked with local & global organizations for a period of 15 to 20 years.

Following are some of the functional areas where we provide our services:

Business Advisory : Creating Business Plans, Strategic Management, Preparing Marketing Proposals, Fund Management, Improving Efficiencies and Brand Management.

Financial Services : Employee Pay Roll, Business Accounting, Taxation, Audits, Loan Proposals, Services for new establishments & Financial Reports.

Software Solutions : Development & Testing of Software Applications, Augmentation of resources & Consultancy to setup center of excellence.

Professional Training : Leadership, Soft-Skills, .Net & Software Testing – Inhouse, External, Corporate, Institutes & Government organizations.

The main objective of having above 4 services under one roof is to stabilize/enhance business growth. The focus of this firm is to provide one stop shop solutions to business, finance, software & people. These are the 4 pillars to run any successful business. Business will ensure revenues & profits, Finance to optimize return on investments, Software to meet quality & quick services & Professional training will retain key talent. These are the strategic business objectives for any organization.

We offer our services with latest technologies & solutions to give our customers the best value possible onsite and offshore. Today’s economic trends have changed compelling many companies to reorganize their cost structure to meet business goals. We provide optimized & flexible solutions that assist companies or individuals to meet their objectives with quality & timelines at an affordable cost to realize the highest net value for their investments.

If you or your organizations have any requirements in above mentioned areas, we will be glad to take up this opportunity to discuss further and work together for longer term. Please fill up enquiry form or mail us at (info@flexiserv.com).

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